Building physics consultants

Energy conservation and energy performance

  • concepts for generation and distribution of heat and cold
  • optimisation of energy management
  • energy-neutral building
  • assessment of sustainability (Breeam, GPR, Greencalc)
  • environmental performance calculation (MPG)

Physics of the interior space

  • room acoustics; revebaration time
  • noise insulation between rooms
  • thermal comfort
  • luminance distribution
  • air quality
  • ventilation
  • conditioning

Physics at the building envelope

  • thermal insulation
  • noise insulation
  • moist transfer and condensation
  • daylighting
  • shading and passive solar design
  • air- and watertightness
  • natural ventilation

Physics in town planning and around building sites

  • shading and insolation
  • windnuisance
  • noise emission

Fire safety

  • resistance to fire propagation
  • smoke and heat exhaust ventilation
  • evacuation
  • controllability of fire